What People Are Saying

I started my acupuncture journey with Sara about a year ago. After having unsuccessful bone spur surgery on my foot, I was unable to wear shoes comfortably and was in constant pain. A year later, I am wearing shoes daily, with absolutely no pain, I can run again, and I even hiked part of the PCT this year. More importantly, my foot is also stronger.

Sara’s treatment is impeccable. She always treats you with care, asks the right questions and treats your pain holistically. She is informed with current techniques and approaches of acupuncture — and able to bridge the gap and speak fluently in “Chinese medicine” and “Western medicine” (for any skeptics out there).

I only have positive things to say about my experience at Avalon Acupuncture, and would suggest it for anyone who is considering acupuncture to treat injury, any constant / lingering pain, or any type of cloudy-ness / uncertainties in the mind.
— Margaux L, Brooklyn, NY
For years I have been wanting to try acupuncture, for stiff joints and a sore back. It only took one visit for me to absolutely believe in not only the practice, but especially Sara’s dry needling technique. I have felt tremendous benefits both psychically and emotionally.
— Rachel T, New York, NY
Sara is a true GEM! I have had a few not-so-great acupuncture experiences in the past and I was a little nervous to go in, but my treatments have been far better than I could have imagined. I’ve been dealing with discomfort from a hip injury and dry needling method has really helped with the tightness. Sara makes the overall experience very comfortable and relaxing, and I am so appreciative of her work.
— Lauren G, Brooklyn, NY
For more than a year, Sara has treated me through acupuncture and Chinese medicine. While I’ve received treatment from her for multiple reasons, I am most grateful for the pain management that Sara has offered. These sessions have provided both immediate and long-lasting relief. Most notably, Sara provided pain management treatment for a shoulder injury. I visited Sara, as well as a traditional western doctor and physical therapist, and I believe the combination of treatments is what carried me through this injury. But receiving acupuncture before, during, and after my work with the physical therapist was key in keeping the pain at a minimum throughout this process.
— Karen S, Brooklyn, NY
I had been thinking about trying acupuncture for a while but was quite skeptical and nervous. From the get go, Sara understood my hesitation and curiosity so tailored her approach; talking me through everything she was doing and succinctly answered all my questions. Sara has helped me with chronic knee pain, stress, anxiety and most recently a labral tear in my hip. I always walk away feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! I’ve been seeing Sara for almost a year now for acupuncture and highly recommend her.
— Lauren S, New York, NY
Most relaxing and thorough treatment I’ve had. I have been twice and look forward to going again.
— Pat M, Brooklyn, NY
I’ve been going to Sara for about 9 months and highly recommend her! I started going for fertility but quickly realized she helped me in so many other areas, including relaxation and back pain. I’m now pregnant (and I know her treatment had a lot to do with it) and still see her! She helps with my pregnancy aches and also anxiety. She’s very knowledgeable about the body and I trust her completely. On top of it, she’s super sweet, compassionate, and easy to talk to! Definitely go to Sara :)
— Joanna L, Hoboken, NJ
You must RUSH over to Avalon Acupuncture and see Sara, the acupuncturist! I had never had a treatment and Sara made me feel at ease and really knew what she was doing. She listened to “what ailed me” in order to give me the best course of treatment. I must say, being new to acupuncture and admittedly, somewhat of a skeptic, it did help me and I no longer doubt the benefits it offers. It was relaxing and an overall pleasant experience made more so by Sara! She is friendly, caring and very good at what she does. The place itself is also very welcoming, somewhat of an oasis from the craziness of the NYC streets! I highly recommend Sara and Avalon. You won’t be disappointed!
— Connie B, Brooklyn, NY
When my previous acupuncturist left the city, she recommended Sara to continue my treatment for chronic migraines. Sara’s fantastic. Her needling technique is incredibly precise (I’m always impressed) and she seems to know exactly which points to hit to relieve specific muscle tightness and problem points. I always leave feeling better (and smelling lovely thanks to her use of essential oils) and am very grateful that her treatment is part of my routine. The treatment space is calm and comfortable - neither too medical / sterile nor overdecorated on the other end of the spectrum. It’s easy to feel relaxed and disconnect from stresses of life and the city there. Sara is warm and friendly, asks the right questions and listens to make sure she’s providing the best treatment, and she’s clearly very skilled. I’d highly recommend her!
— Austen S, New York, NY
I started talking to Sara about the ways in which acupuncture could help with general care of my health - improving circulation, breathing, skeletal alignment, sleeping, etc. Coincidentally, about the same time as we were having these discussions, my exercising and various athletic adventures caught up with me. I had strained 2 muscle in my left rotator cuff. The injury was constricting my range of motion and causing chronic pain during certain movements. I inquired about treatment for this as well.

It was this injury that pushed me to start acupuncture therapy. Following the first session, relief in my shoulder was immediate - the pain was gone, full range of motion returned. It feels as though I never had the injury.

Currently I see Sara 1-2 times/month. I attribute the ongoing treatment to the continued benefit in keeping my shoulders healthy, as well she works on other ailments resulting from exercise (muscle tightness, joint pain, etc). Additionally, her treatment of the more holistic issues I mentioned is giving me more energy, strength and focus.

The entire experience of her treatment is rare and invaluable. She is extremely knowledgable in her practice, anatomy and especially treatment for athletes. Beyond that Sara is caring and friendly. I feel very fortunate to work with her.

Finally, her practice does accept certain insurance policies which makes this relatively affordable.
— Phil F, New York, NY