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Sports Acupuncture

Sports are specialized, skilled activities that require highly coordinated actions among different body systems. The nerves, muscles and skeletal system must cooperate according to a precise timing sequence. If a muscle cannot adhere to the current timing and pattern, the coordination is broken and the speed and precision of the performance will be impaired, possibly resulting in injury.

Performance, especially at the professional level, is dynamic and it needs continuous maintenance. Treatment with trigger point therapy (dry needling) and motor point therapy offers a solution for treating intrinsic muscular fatigue and other problems.

It is my belief that these therapies are the most effective for helping athletes to recover completely from dysfunction and injury. This is especially true for athletes who do not show pathology, but are affected by physiological stress that can lead to future injury or premature tissue degeneration.

A full assessment is done at the initial treatment, including manual muscle testing and orthopedic/ structural assessment. In doing so, it helps target specific myofascial patterns in the body that are attributing to symptom(s) of pain, instability or lack of range of motion. Specific motor point and trigger point therapy techniques are applied during treatment, causing micro areas of tissue regeneration in specific muscle groups. Infrared heat therapy and electro stimulation may also be applied. After treatment, the muscle testing and structural assessment is revisited. Often times, there are immediate, significant improvements in just one session.

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