The 411 on the Needles in Kim Kardashian's Face

When Kim Kardashian first decided to get cosmetic acupuncture, the Internet had quite a lot to say about it. Vowing to never get a facelift, the reality star sought out acupuncture for facial rejuvenation (yes, it's really a thing). However, the last photo showed a soiled towel with blood all over Kim's forehead. Thus, the internet went crazy, and acupuncture was being linked to vampires (you guys, really?!).

Here are your facts:

1) That photo wasn't even from acupuncture. It was from a completely separate time when Kim decided to get a blood facial (yes, you read that right). 

2) Facial acupuncture is very gentle. Acupuncture needles don't even extract blood! To read more about how I perform cosmetic acupuncture, click here.

3) Cosmetic acupuncture works by increasing skin elasticity and collagen. It's safe, effective, and the needles are tiny.

4) Results from facial rejuvenation treatments are best achieved after roughly 10 sessions. Apart from smoothing out fine lines, the treatments are also very relaxing, as acupuncture also works with the nervous system.

It's safe to say that, once again, Kim Kardashian garnered quite some attention. I say good for her - holistic treatments to maintain her natural beauty are a great way to pamper herself!

Sara VaccarielloComment