Acupuncture to Help Combat Spring Allergies

Achoo! We’re nearing that time of year of the sniffles, sneezes, and sinus congestion. For those of us that suffer from spring allergies, it’s no joke. The pollen, weeds and mold that surface drive people crazy, and I think the only people who appreciate this are the shareholders of the pharm company behind Claritin. All jokes aside, the best time to tackle spring allergies is now. Acupuncture can be quite beneficial in this process.

Acupuncture points often are near areas of lymph nodes in the body. These areas have a close connection with the body’s immune system. By stimulating these specific points (which are actually found all over the body), your body’s immune system kind of gets a “turbo boost” in vamping up its immunity against allergens that will start increasing once the spring season hits.

When allergens are taken in to the body (via air), a histamine reaction occurs and you have your allergy symptoms. By boosting the body’s immune system prior to high allergy season, your body’s anti-histamines are more ready to fight the allergens, thus hopefully giving you decreased allergy symptoms. For more information for you science nerds out there (don’t worry, I’m one of them – I need proof to the pudding), check out these sources: Natural News article and American College of Physicians article. Otherwise, you can just trust me that it helps. I speak from personal experience!