Three Products We Love and Trust

There is certainly no shortage of advice out there when it comes to caring for our bodies.  Balms, supplements, patches, soaks, oils, even dusts. So where do we start? With all of the information coming at us from the wellness world, it is hard to know where to invest our trust and our dollars. We’re breaking down three of our current favorite products and why we love them.

CBD Balm

We know, we know. CBD is everywhere. Truly, it is for good reason. The science tells us - CBD is safe, and it is good for us. Research is telling us “CBD exhibits neuroprotective, antiepileptic, anxiolytic, antipsychotic, and antiinflammatory properties.”

All throughout our bodies, our cells have these little things called cannabinoid receptors. These receptors make up our extensive endocannabinoid system. When we introduce CBD, the receptors are activated and induce a pharmacological response in the central nervous and immune systems (aka, it helps your body and brain relax, and it actually keeps you healthy!).

As with any product, of course, the quality makes all the difference. This is why we recommend Cordial Organics - they use the purest and most sustainable ingredients to bring us the very best product for our skin. We carry Cordial’s line in our office, and their products are immensely popular for stress, sleep and pain. If you’ve been meaning to try some, drop us an email and we’ll set aside some product for you!

Magnesium Oil

Magnesium oil is a bit of a misnomer.  It actually isn’t an oil at all, but the combination of water and magnesium chloride flakes results in an oily feel on the skin. Did you know you can increase your magnesium levels through the skin?  Skip the supplement aisle (a thousand different types of probably low quality and not very bioavailable magnesium) and put it right on your muscles instead!

We need magnesium to regulate our nerve and muscle function and it works as a buffer for lactic acid build up - essential after a long run or a crossfit WOD!  It can propagate tissue regeneration and help manage pain. Research also shows it reduces fibromyalgia symptoms!

Topical magnesium can make the skin feel stingy or itchy while it is being absorbed - this is a normal reaction! We recommend putting it on after your workout and waiting 30-45 minutes to shower.

Dit Da Jow

Say what?? Translated as “Fall Down Wine,” Dit Da Jow is a traditional chinese herbal liniment for any kind of muscle strains, aches and bruises. Plus, it’s fun to try to pronounce. The herbs are steeped in a strong alcohol base for a year (or more), resulting in bioactive molecules to reduce inflammation and pain and improve blood flow. Dit Da Jow is effective for any kind of impact trauma, and we’ve seen it help our patients recover from accidents and surgeries so well it even surprises their orthopedists! Last year, we had a patient use it topicals twice a day along with her rehab after her ACL construction- she was jogging (gently) 8 weeks post-op. Chinese Medicine at its best!

For more info: This is a great evaluation of Dit Da Jow. And stay tuned, we’ve been brewing our own homemade stuff this past year!

We hope our experience with these products can help you make informed choices to feel your best. If you have questions about these products, feel free to shoot us an email, text or reach out on social media!

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