Does acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture should not be painful, but you will feel sensations! Achiness, heaviness, warmth, and sometimes muscle twitching are all helpful healing responses. With some needles you feel little sensation at all. Acupuncture should not sting, burn, or pinch. We are constantly in communication with our patients about sensations you might be feeling during the treatment, and we can always adjust to your tolerance and sensitivity. Your comfort and ability to relax is the most important thing during your treatment.

What if I am pregnant or trying to conceive?

Great! Come see us! Whether you are trying to conceive, prepping for labor, or postpartum, acupuncture can actually be extremely helpful in addressing your concerns and symptoms along the way. We are trained to treat every trimester.

How exactly does this work?

See here. :)

Is it safe?

Acupuncture is a non-invasive, non-pharmacological, non-addictive style of treatment. We are board-certified practitioners, with four years of training at a graduate or post-graduate level. We have more than 4,000 clinical hours before obtaining licensure and state licensure, and we’re required to do yearly continuing education. Risks with acupuncture are low, and we always practice with your comfort and safety as our top priority.

So is this the same as dry needling?

Yes and no. Yes, we do a technique of relaxing and softening tight muscles to help alleviate pain. This is a sports acupuncture treatment referred to as “trigger point therapy.” The term “dry needling” was coined by physical therapists so that they could do the same technique to soften muscles. The very big difference is in the training- physical therapists receive a certificate after a weekend for “dry needling.” We have over 2,000 clinical hours of learning trigger point therapy. So yes, it’s the same approach- softening your tight, achy muscles to help with pain and range of motion. But no, different qualifications mean different skill levels. We see a lot of patients who have received dry needling by a PT, and they left the PT office in more pain. There’s a reason it takes years to perfect this skill- so you truly can feel better and live your healthiest life! We’re constantly talking about this subject, so we’re always happy to talk more to you about it. It’s important that you feel informed of the care you receive.

Is there anything I need to do before or after treatment?

Great question! It is a good idea to have something to eat within a few hours of treatment.  Aim for a stomach that is not too full, but definitely not empty! After treatment, we recommend a good meal, extra water intake, and gentle activities for the rest of the day.  We generally don’t recommend any strenuous workouts or parties the day of treatment! Your body will better integrate the work we’ve done together if you take it easy. We want you to live your life, but we also want you to feel better.