If it is your first time at Avalon Acupuncture, this is where we begin together.  We want to get to know you, and for you to get to know us. This comprehensive, in depth session is a perfect place to start. We dive into your health history and routine, answer all of your deepest acupuncture questions, and offer suggestions to implement outside of the treatment room. This initial treatment includes cupping, infrared therapy, electro-stimulation, manual therapy, and supplements or herbs when needed.

75-90 minutes. Includes:

  • Thorough discussion with practitioner

  • Acupuncture needles, ancillary modalities (like cupping, infrared therapy, etc), and bodywork when needed

  • A treatment plan with recommendations for home and herbs or supplements when needed


Been in to Avalon Acupuncture before? This session gets us right to the point. Focusing on the main system that needs addressing, we continue learning what your body needs to function at its best. Tune Ups are great for patients wanting and needing more frequent visits.  A lot of important stuff happens in between your acupuncture visits, so we’ll be sure to send you home with some tips, reminders, and/or ear seeds to keep your healing going.

55 minutes. Includes:

  • Chat with your practitioner

  • Needles, oils, bodywork when needed

  • Ear seeds or tips for the road